Yuri Korelka was a former KGB officer who had ties to a extremist group called the October Contingent, a group of Russian ultranationalists. Inside Liberty Village, his cover name was Tom and he was married to Diane, who was actually Marina Avden.

Season 4 Edit

Korelka stole an electromagnetic pulse device which could kill all electricity to a ten mile radius. It was for use with the Contingent, but APO were unsure of how he was to use it. He recruited Sydney and Vaughn, thinking them to be Dmitri and Ileona Tabakov, to the Contingent. He gave them the aliases David and Karen Parker and took them to Liberty Village, an American style neighbourhood build in the backwater of Russia to train recruits to become spies. He trained them to become Americans, saying their relationship was a little "cold". He planned to send them to Chicago to use the EMP to take down the stock market, ensure a "redistribution of wealth" in their favour as well as civilian casulties. However he discovered that Sydney and Vaughn were not the Tabakovs and tried to kill Sydney, but she managed to kill him first. The two escaped Liberty Village and it was shut down by the Russian government.

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