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William "Will" D. Tippin is a close friend and companion of Sydney Bristow, and was unaware of her uncover life with SD-6 and the CIA until she was forced to save him from a dangerous situation. His life was threatened and so he entered the Witness Protection Program.

Personal Information

  • ID-Class: CIV-011126475836
  • Present Location: Los Angeles
  • Date Of Birth: 03/08/73
  • Place Of Birth: Austin, TX, USA
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 175
  • Languages: English, Spanish.
  • Education: B.A in Print Journalism
  • Experience: Working as a city reporter at the Los Angeles Register. Recruited 11-2002 (Intelligence Analysis), Witness Protection


Before Danny's death

Will worked at a newspaper . He and Sydney had been friends for three years .

Investigation into Danny's death

Season 1

Will was shocked when Sydney told him that she was marrying Danny, but was there for her when he was killed (by SD-6 agents because of his knowledge of their existence). After Sydney was targeted by SD-6, seen as a threat herself, she contacted Will for help and asked for his sister, Amy's, credit card and her passport. He managed to get them for her, but he was dubious of why she wanted them . Will asked Sydney why she used his sister's passport and credit card, but she said that she could not tell him. He assumed that Danny was in some kind of trouble, but she told him to forget about it and to trust her .

Jenny, a coworker at the paper where Will worked, asked him out on a date. He said she was too young for him and brushed off the suggestion. He asked her to get the file on Danny Hecht, deciding to ignore Sydney's advice and look into her fiancée's death. He discovered that Danny was booked on a flight to Singapore the night of his death. He told her but she had an excuse .

Season 5

Will was later injected with a bomb in his neck by Burris. Sydyney saved him and he asked her to be the best man at his wedding. Will and Sydney walk through a park where Syd apologizes for the chaos she's brought him. Will assures her that it is not her fault that evil people that exist, and that he sleeps better knowing that there is only one Sydney who can keep the world safe. Little did of them realise that Syndey's long term nemsis was being genetically altered to look like Sydney. (There's Only One Sydney Bristow)


Sydney Bristow

During Season 1, it is implied that Will has an unrequited crush on Sidney1.16_The_Prophecy; Sidney's unintentional encouragement and Will's overreaction is a reoccurring plot line (See 1.3_Parity. When he discovers Sidney's feelings for Michael Vaughn, he is very protective of her.

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