Suicide is the act of willingly ending one's own life.

Season 2Edit

  • Marcus Dixon: After his wife's death, Marcus went into a deep depression and almost killed himself by jumping off a bridge, but at the last moment he changed his mind.

Season 4Edit

  • Nancy Cahill: While hallucinating on a drug, Nancy went insane and thought people were chasing her. With no other option, Nancy shot herself in the chin.
  • Korjev hitman: In order to prevent capture from the APO (and to save his family) a hitman sent by Sasha Korjev slit his throat.

Season 5Edit

  • Ivan Curtis: Knowing that Prophet 5 would kill him anyway for his failure, Curtis jumped out of a plane hundreds of thousands of feet in the air.
  • Gordon Dean: In order to save his daughter, Sloane forced Dean to swallow a suicide capsule, making his death look like a suicide.
  • Jack Bristow: Near death, Jack climbed inside Rambaldi's Tomb with a bomb belt in his hands, encountering Sloane. Jack sacrificed himself by blowing up the bomb and sealing Sloane inside the temple, making sure Sloane could never hurt his daughter again.

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