Disic 1Edit

1. The Two Edit

2. SuccessionEdit

3. ReunionEdit

4. A Missing LinkEdit

Commentie- Erin Dailey and Jennifer WongEdit

Disic 2Edit

5. RepercussionsEdit

6. The nemesisEdit

7. PreludeEdit

8.A Breaking PointEdit

Disic 3Edit

9. ConsciousEdit


11. Full DisclosureEdit

12. CrossingsEdit

Commites with  Jennifer Garner, Messlia Geroge and Ken Olin Conscious. Full Disclousure with Lawernce Trilling, Jesse Alexander, and Scott ChamblissEdit

Disic 4Edit

13. After SixEdit

14. Blow BackEdit

15. FacadeEdit


Commites with J.J Abrams, Jack Bender and Greg GrunbregEdit

Disic 5Edit

17. The FrameEdit

18.  UnveliedEdit

19. HourglassEdit

20. Blood TiesEdit

Disic 6Edit

21. LegacyEdit

22. ResurrectionEdit

Special FeaturesEdit

Animated alias tribual of the last two years

Deleted Scenes

Blooper Reel

Featurette: Burbankto Barcelona

Gadget lab with Marshall Flinkman

The Alias Diaries

Team Alias

Script Scanner

Cast and Crew Audio Commentary

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