Disc 1Edit

1. The Two

2. 3.2 Succession

3. 3.3 Reunion

4. 3.4 A Missing Link

Disc 2Edit

5. 3.5 Repercussions

6. 3.6 The Nemesis

7. 3.7 Prelude

8. 3.8 Breaking Point

Disc 3Edit

9. 3.9 Conscious

10. 3.10 Remnants

11. 3.11 Full Disclosure

12. 3.12 Crossings

Disc 4Edit

13. 3.13 After Six

14. 3.14 Blowback

15. 3.15 Façade

16. 3.16 Taken

Disc 5Edit

17. 3.17 The Frame

18. 3.18 Unveiled

19. 3.19 Hourglass

20. 3.20 Blood Ties

Disc 6Edit

21. 3.21 Legacy

22. 3.22 Resurrection

Special FeaturesEdit

Animated Alias - A brief animated feature detailing a mission that Sydney undertook during her missing two years.

Deleted Scenes


Featurette: Burbank to Barcelona- A look at the production design.

Team Alias: Two sport related features; a special introduction filmed for Monday Night Football with Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan encountering the Stanley Cup.

Behind scenes of how they made the season.

On Season 3, disc 5, there's a interview with J.J Abrams, Jennifer Garner and some actors from Felicity (the show Abrams and Garner met on). There's a easter egg when Jennifer Garner talks about her character this season.


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