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Disc 1 Edit

1. The Enemy Walks In

2. Trust Me

3. Cipher

4. Dead Drop

Disc 2 Edit

5. The Indicator

6. Salvation

7. The Counteragent

8. Passage (Part 1)

Disc 3 Edit

9.  Passage (Part 2)

10. The Abduction

11. A Higher Echelon

12. The Getaway

Disc 4 Edit

13. Phase One

14. Double Agent

15. A Free Agent

16.  Firebomb

Disc 5 Edit

17. A Dark Turn

18. Truth Takes Time

19. Endgame

20. Countdown

Disc 6 Edit

21. Second Double

22. The Telling

Special Features Edit

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • Audio Commentary with cast and crew
  • The making of The Telling - an in-depth look at the season finale.
  • The making of the video game.
  • Featurette: Undercover: A look at Alias

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