Disic 1====

1. Truth Be ToldEdit

2. So It BeginsEdit

3. ParityEdit

Audio Commentie- Truth Be Told with Jennifer Garner and J.J  Abrams and So It Begins with Ken Olin, Michael Bonvillian and Sarah Caplan.Edit

Disic 2Edit

4. A broken Heart

5. Doppelganer

6. Reckoning

7. Color Blind

Disic 3Edit

8. Time Will Tell

9. Mea Culpa

10. Spirit

11. The Confession

Disic 4

12. The Box Part 1

13. The Box Part 2

14. The Coup

15. Page 47

Disic 5Edit

16. The Prophecy

17. O&A

18. Masquerade

19. Snowman

Audio Commentie with John Eisendrath, Alex Kurzman and Roberto Orci

Disic 6 Edit

20. The Solution

21. Rendezvous

22. Almost 30 years

Audio Commtie with Jennifer Garner, Michael Vartan, Victor Garber, Bradley Cooper, Merrin Dungery, Carl Lumbly, Ron Rifkin, Kevin Weisman.

Special Features

Pilot Production Diary

Inside Scenes

Deleted Scenes

Gg Reel

Audio Commentaries

Special season 2 preview

Video Game Sneak Peek

Dvd-rom Script scanner

Tvshots including

Truth Be Told, Reckoning, The Confession, Rendezvous, Almost 30 Years

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