Disc 1 Edit

Pilot- Truth Be Told

So It Begins


Audio commentaries on Truth Be Told and So It Begins

Truth Be Told- J.J. Abrams and Jennifer Garner

So It Begins- Michael Bonvillain Sarah Caplan Ken Olin

Disc 2 Edit

A Broken Heart



Color Blind

Disc 3 Edit

Time Will Tell

Mea Cupla


1.11 The Confession

Disc 4 Edit

The Box part 1

The Box part 2

The Coup

Page 47

Disc 5 Edit

The Prophecy




Audio Commentary- John Eisendrath, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

Disc 6 Edit

The Solution


Almost 30 Years

Audio Commentary- Jennifer Garner,Michael Vartan,Bradley Cooper, Merrin Dungey, Victor Garber,Ron Rifkin,Kevin Weisman, and Carl Lumbly

Special Features Edit

Gag Reel- Bloopers for season 1 with the cast

Pilot Production Diary- the making of the pilot

Season 2 preview- A sneak peek for season 2

Tv shots- Truth Be Told,Reckoning, The Confession,Renzvous, Almost 30 Years

PS2 game sneak peek

Deleted Scenes

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