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Rachel Gibson è un agente che lavora per The Shed in una presunta divisione black ops della CIA, che si è rivelata un'organizzazione criminale gestita da Gordon Dean. Una volta che Rachel ha appreso la vera affiliazione del padrone, si unì alla vera CIA sotto forma di APO.


  • Call Signs: Penelope (The Shed), Oracle (APO)
  • Affiliation(s): The Shed (formerly), APO
  • Held Ranks: Analyst - Agent (The Shed), Field Agent (APO)

Before Season 5 Edit

Rachel Gibson was an agent who was originally recruited into the intelligence industry by a criminal cell of Prophet 5. Her story was very nearly similar to Sydney's own, in fact, under the belief that she was working for the United States government. It was these circumstances that later served to help explain the was currently involved.

Season 5 Edit

Rachel is first seen in the first episode of season five, where she hacks into the NSA to retrieve a decryption key in order to break through the Marshall Flinkman's encrypted files pertaining to Michael Vaughn. She is seen working under Gordon Dean.

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