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Michael Vaughn

Season(s):1, 2, 3, 4, 5
First Appearence:Truth Be Told
Last Appearance:All The Time In The World
Date of Birth:27 November 1971
Alias(es):Andre Michaux
Affiliation(s):CIA, APO
Portrayer:Michael Vartan

Michael C. Vaughn (born 27 November 1968) (birth name Andre Michaux) was a CIA agent who was Sydney Bristow's handler during her time as a double agent at SD-6. They assisted greatly in the takedown of SD-6, and soon entered into a romantic relationship. However, after Sydney's two year disappearance Vaughn married NSC agent Lauren Reed, who was revealed to be a double agent and was simply using him as a means of getting information for The Covenant.

Vaughn was recruited to join APO along with Sydney and many of his coworkers from the CIA. He faked his death along with help from Jack Bristow and Sydney to stop the criminal organization Prophet 5 from killing him. After Prophet 5 had been taken down, Vaughn and Sydney retired from APO and moved away.

Personal Information Edit

  • ID-CLASS: USS-CI-2300708
  • Alias: Andre Michaux
  • Call Signs: Boy Scout (CIA), Shotgun (APO)
  • Date Of Birth: 11/27/71
  • Place Of Birth: Fleury, Normandy, France
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 180
  • Characteristics: Left-handed
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian.
  • Education: Masters In French Literature.
  • Experience: Recruit, 12-1994


Before Season 1 Edit

Vaughn's father, Bill, was a CIA agent, who became aware of Prophet Five and their intentions. He and Renée Rienne's father fought them for some years. When he became aware of the dangers against him and his family, he moved to LA with Vaughn and his mother. He tried to keep every information away from Vaughn. Vaughn's father died in 1979 (The Index).

Work for the CIA Edit

Season 1 Edit

Vaughn was tasked with being Sydney Bristow's CIA handler when she came in and explained that she worked for SD-6, a criminal organization part of the Alliance of Twelve which, up until then, she believed was part of the CIA. He brought her some coffee and something to eat, but she did not touch it and continued to write pages of detailed information about what she knew about SD-6. Afterwards he told her that he was sure it would be helpful to have another double agent in SD-6. However she suspected it was all a ploy in case she was a triple agent. He told her that it was not a play, and she left (Truth Be Told).

Vaughn lashes out at Weiss' suggestion that he is too emotionally attached to Sydney (Parity)
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Vaughn met with Sydney after learning about Milo Rambaldi and the [[[Media:[machine code] ] written on the back of one of his sketches that SD-6 wanted. He told her to go through with the mission and to perform a dead-drop to give the CIA the information as well. He also asked Sydney about Anna Espinosa, a long-term rival of Sydney's. He then told her that he was being replaced by a senior Seth lambert officer, [[ ]] as the CIA felt he wasn't experienced enough to be her handler. He said that it was good to have met her, and wished her luck for Madrid. Back at the office Vaughn complained to Weiss about the fact that he was being replaced, saying that Lambert and Davenport were idiots. Weiss said that Vaughn was being too emotional about the situation and that he was too attached to Sydney. Vaughn lashed out at the comment, saying that he merely wanted to ensure Sydney would make it back. As Vaughn passed Sydney's case file over to Lambert, the latter made a sexual comment about Sydney which angered Vaughn even further. Vaughn was reassigned to Sydney's case after she demanded him back due to poor relations with Lambert, her new handler (Parity). Sydney then at a car wash asked Vaughn about his wife(which he does not have).

Season 2 Edit

In the season 1 final  Vaughn was stuck with Water. The Enemy walks in he is later in France almost killed but Then Sydney helped he escape from Khasinuau. Sydney and Him almost kiss but they don't. The  CIa wants to something called the Bible.Weiss is later shot by Irina Derevko and Vaughn tells him it's ok.  Vaughn tells Sydney How he got out of the water. Trust Me Vaughn meets with Irina about CDs and about Sydney Bristow. Cipher  Vaughn meets with Will about codes. Later he gets Jerious about Will and Sydney.  Dread Drop Vaughn talks to Irina again about Sydney, His Father  and Moscow, Vaughn talks to Sydney about her mother.  The Indactor Vaughn finds out that Jack set up Irina Derevko and he tells Jack that if he does tells Sydney he will.  He hugs Sydney at the end.  He and Sydney might be sick but Sydney is not sick but he is.  Sydney saves him and He knows that Sydney met Alice Williams. Vaughn he talks to her about Alice.  Vaughn is later worried about Sydney with her parnets. He goes and safes her before being killed. He gives mini golf trickets. He goes and watches her. He and Sydney runs into eachother and have a talk about them and Alice. He tells Sydney this watch use to belong to his father and it stoped October 1 day they met. They go out on a date and they took SD-6 down and they kissed. They started dating and Vaughn is iunstuiced and Sydney thinks he is working for someone else but is not. He and Sydney go and safes Neil Calpan. Sydney and Vaughn makes out. Vaughn Talks to Judy Barnet about Marucs Dixon. Sydney and him has ice cream sydney tells that she knowy that Dixon did that in the CIA. Sydney and Vaughn finds out there is a double agent. Sydney and Vaughn plays Hockey . Sydney and Vaughn they find out that Will is not the double they go on missions to find Jack Bristow. At the end Vaughn tells Sydney he and her are going to Santa Barba. Vaughn has to tell her that he has be missing for two years and Vaughn is married to Laruren Reed.

After Season 2 Edit

After Sydney's "death", Vaughn decided to leave the CIA (The Two). He left the country for six months, and even began to talk to himself, pretending Sydney was there. Vaughn suggested that he took to alcohol for a period after Sydney left (Reunion). He met Lauren Reed at an NSC function regarding Irina Derevko. The two fell in love and eventually married (Reunion). After he left the CIA, Vaughn became a French teacher (Succession).

Season 3 Edit

Vaughn was called back into the CIA, despite having left, to bring Sydney in after it was discovered she was alive. Upon the revelation that two years had passed and Vaughn had got married, Sydney lashed out thinking that it was not Vaughn at all and she had been set up. He managed to tranquillize her and took her back to America (The Two). Upon an encounter with Vaughn, Sydney told him how disgusted she was with him for giving up on her, and how she would never had done the same with him, but felt bad about this because it would have been such a waste of her time (Succession). Weiss managed to talk Vaughn back into joining the CIA, but he was unsure about it. Sydney assumed it was because of her, and she went to see him. In response to her comments he told her that he was so in love with her that it nearly killed him, and that he had moved on with his life and did not regret it. He decided to rejoin the CIA, and when asked by Dixon if he or Sydney wanted any special consideration considering the circumstances, they should tell him, but both kept quiet (Reunion).

Work for APO Edit

Season 4 Edit

"For starters, my name isn't Michael Vaughn," (Before The Flood)
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After Lauren's death, Vaughn became emotionally unstable and burned his house down in anger. With Syndey's and some others' help, he was able to get over his grief. After leaving Sovogda and destroying the Mueller device, Sydney and Vaughn were driving through Santa Barbara. They discussed plans for their wedding, and Sydney suggested that they elope. Vaughn agreed, and they each said that they loved one another. He said that he had to tell her something, so there was no secrets between them. She asked what it was, joking that he should not say that he was a "bad guy." He looked at her suspiciously, and he said that would depend on how you would look at it. He told her that it was all from before they met and was, in fact, the reason they met. He said that it was not an accident that he was the one who she met when she became a double-agent when working at SD-6. He told her that his name was not really Michael Vaughn. Before Sydney could react, a car crashed into Sydney and Vaughn (Before The Flood).

"Death" Edit

Season 5 Edit

After the car accident, Vaughn was captured by paramedics who were really agents of Prophet 5, a powerful and ruthless criminal organization, and airlifted to a warehouse, where he was interrogated by Ivan Curtis. They demanded to know the location of James Lehman and just as Vaughn was going to tell them, he subdued a guard and escaped. After regrouping with Sydney and finding Lehman, they went to Cape Town to find the book that would uncover the secrets behind Prophet 5. During their escape, Vaughn finds out that Sydney's pregnant. Before meeting with Lehman again, they talked briefly about their baby and Vaughn sees Lehman, giving him the book. Suddenly, a car with Gordon Dean inside arrives and Dean shoots Lehman in the back. Before Vaughn can get away, another train arrives and blocks Sydney and Vaughn from each other. With nowhere to run, Vaughn is forced to stare at Curtis as he takes out a submachine gun and riddles his chest with bullets. Despite getting shot over 10 times, Vaughn doesn't die until after he arrives in the hospital alongside Sydney, where he flatlined. (Prophet 5)

However, it was revealed that Vaughn miraculously survived his assassination and was alive and well in Bhutan (Maternal Instinct). His "death" had been orchestrated by Jack Bristow, who gave him a drug to slow down his heart rate and appear dead. He was pulled out of the morgue after being there for four hours by one of Jack's associates. Sydney was also aware of the deception (Maternal Instinct).

After APO Edit

Sydney, Vaughn and Jack went and tryed to catch Arvin Sloane. Sydney and Vaughn goes to Hongkong and they later kill Irina Derevko and Jack was killed too. Later Jack traps Sloane in the Rambaldi's tomb. Sydney and Vaughn are on their beach house with their kids Isabelle and Jack and Dixon visits and tells them about Sark and they walk to see a sun set.

Relationships Edit

Sydney Bristow

Vaughn strongly loved Sydney, and by the end of Season 4 he planned to propose marriage to her (In Dreams...). He told her that without her, he would lose his mind doing the job he was doing (Search And Rescue).

Lauren Reed

Vaughn and Lauren met while she was investigating Irina Derevko about six months after Sydney's disappearance at the end of Season 2. They dated for some months, before getting married. (Reunion)They remained married throughout all of Season 3, though Vaughn discovered that Lauren was actually a double agent working for the Covenant. (Unveiled) Vaughn eventually kills Lauren to save Sydney's life. (Resurrection)


Sark and Vaughn had been through battles in 2-5.


  • Vaughn appears in 96 episodes of Alias. See Character appearances for more information.
  • Vaughn shares his birth date with actor Michael Vartan, although Vaughn is 3 years younger than the actor.
  • Vaughn also shares the same first name with Vartan.


  • To Sark: Holding that almost look like you've reached puberty (Blood Ties)
  • Sydney: Wait Vaughn, what are you telling me.
  • Vaughn: For starters my name isn't Michael Vaughn
  • Sydney: Oh you think it's sexy
  • Vaughn: Only If i'd done it
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