Malik Sawari was a terrorist who tried to have the UCO destroyed.

Season 1Edit

Malik traveled to Casablanca to meet another terrorist who would carry out the hit on Patel. However, during the meet, Sawari's bodyguard spotted Sydney spying on them and they were forced to flee the meeting, ambushing Sydney's team in the process.

Later in São Paulo, Malik (or Jacqnoud) drugged Patel's beverage and he wound up passing out from the poison, where he was immediately taken away to a warehouse by ambulance. Unbeknow to everyone else, the doctors were really working for Sawari and were performing surgery on his heart. During the surgery, Sydney saw one of the doctors attach a bomb to Patel's pacemaker. Sawari told them to be careful, because the bomb had the power of 300 pounds of TNT.

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