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These are a list of missions that Sydney Bristow undertook during Alias.

Season 1Edit

Retrieve Mueller device in Taipei SD-6 Truth Be Told San Diego Success
Prevent Navor from getting files from the Russian government in Moscow SD-6 So It Begins - Success
Find the nuclear bomb hidden in the U.S. in Virginia SD-6 So It Begins - Success
Retrieve Rambaldi sketch in Madrid SD-6 Parity Buisness in San Diego Success
Went on a dangerous cause involing the safety of the United Comnece oragonainizion SD-6 A Broken Heart Buisness in Chicago Success
Find Schillier and download the vaccine formula SD-6 Doppelganger Success
SD-6 Sucess
SD-6 Sucess
SD-6 Sucess
SD-6 Sucess
SD-6 Succes

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