Lead Soldier was a member of the People's Revolutionary Front.

Season 2Edit

The lead soldier and his squad of rebels ambushed Sydney, Jack, Irina and Saeed Akhtar as they were traveling to Cuvee's facility. After forcing them to get out of their jeep, the lead soldier shot Saeed in the back and spat on his corpse. He then spoke to Jack, demanding to know if he was the leader of the group. While he talked to Jack, his soldiers stole all of their supplies from the jeep.

Just as the soldier was about to have them all executed, Sydney subdued one soldier, and Jack and Irina activated her neck collar device on the jeep, using the impact of the explosion to knock the soldiers down. Jack, Irina, and Sydney quickly picked up assault rifles from the ground and gunned down the entire squadron, including the leader.

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