Laura Bristow was the alias assumed by Irina Derevko, a KGB agent who was ordered to infiltrate the United States.

History Edit

She became the wife of Jack Bristow, then a CIA agent, in order to steal classified information regarding Project Christmas.

She was the mother of CIA agents Sydney Bristow and Nadia Santos.

She approached Jack Bristow posing as an exchange student from the USSR. They fell in love and were soon married. When Sydney was a child, Laura was involved in a fatal car accident.

Sydney believed her mother had died, however, it was merely an extraction process. Through the accident, she and her KGB handler escaped the United States.

While undercover as Laura Bristow, Derevko also had an affair with then CIA agent Arvin Sloane. Together, they also had a child; Nadia Santos.

Notes Edit

Besides Lena Olin, several other actresses portrayed Laura in the course of the series:

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