Kazimir Shcherbakov was a member of the Russian Mafia who was supposed to sell classified documents to Nabul Hasayn Navor.

Season 1Edit

Kazimir traveled to Moscow along with Luri Karpachev in order to make a deal with Nabul. Instead, he met with Dixon disguised as Nabul. While Sydney was busy knocking out the guards, Dixon had to stall Kazimir and Karpachev until she found the money Nabul had stashed in his hotel room. Unfortunately, the buy was a fake and all the cash was merely paper. Sydney walked over to the deal and spilled her beverage all over Kazimir and Karpachev, where she was able to steal the documents in the confusion. As Dixon began to leave, Kazimir held a gun to his chest and demanded to know where the money was. Sydney saw the hold-up and ran over to the deal, tipping over Karpachev's chair. Both partners managed to fight off Kazimir and Karpachev and knocked them out in the confusion, stealing the documents.

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