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The KGB , roughly translated as the Committee for State Security, was the national security agency of the USSR from 1954 until the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. The organization was the state's premier secret police, internal security, and intelligence organization.

Headquarters Edit


History Edit

Irina DerevkoEdit

Irina Derevko was under a alias named Laura Bristow was a long term spy for the Sovviet Union ahe was recruied at age 18. The KGB demanded that she bear Jack him to have a kid which was Sydney. She faked her death and was hide in the KGB facility in Russia .

Elena DerevkoEdit

Elena was one of the KGB 's foremost assassins responsible for the murder of countless diplomats and politicans throughout Eastern Europe. She was described  by her sister Irina  as  volatillie quick tempered.

Known Staff Edit

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