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K-Directorate was a criminal society comprised of mostly former operatives from the Soviet bloc (such as ex-KGB agents) and other criminals. Its headquarters were in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was an enemy of the CIA and of the Alliance of Twelve. A critical and highly dangerous arm of the Russia underground, K- Directored has an international presence , with satelite agents


K-Directorate is a enemy of SD-6 and the United States.  In Season 1, while SD-6 attempted to identify The Man, Dixon, impersonating Jamaican Diplomat Darian Buchman, met with K-Directorate contacted Brandon Dahlgren in a Las Vagas Casino, to exchange the agent's ring with a copy that was a listening device. Later the assassination of K-Directorate head Ilyich in Moscow by Julian Sark, director of operations for Irina Derevko, which was The Man at the time. left lavro Kessar In command during negotitions for exchange of a key Rambadi Manuscripts, the one which also contains The Prophecy.

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