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Terrorist Organization

K-Directorate was a criminal society that was an enemy of SD-6, the CIA, the Alliance of Twelve and of the United States.  They were comprised mostly of former operatives from the Soviet bloc (such as ex-KGB agents) and other various criminals.  It was headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia.

A critical and highly dangerous arm of the Russia underground, K- Directorate had an international presence with satellite agents located around the globe.


The main objective of K- Directorate was similar to that of SD-6 - finding all the Rambaldi artifacts and technology.

While SD-6 attempted to identify "The Man", Dixon impersonated Jamaican diplomat Darian Buchanan and met with K-Directorate contact Brandon Dahlgren in a Las Vegas casino in order to exchange the agent's ring with a listening device.

Later, during negotiations for the exchange of a key Rambaldi manuscript the head of K-Directorate head, Ilyich Ivankov, is assassinated in Moscow by Julian Sark. This left Lavro Kessar in command.

K-Directorate also engaged in arms trade with Ineni Hassan specifically to create a partnership.

Dr. Kreshnik, the Georgian director of the Mangalev Asylum in Bucharest, and his assistants held Sydney captive while she attempted to contact the assassin Martin Shepard.

Known MembersEdit

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