Ilych Ivankov was the head of K-Directorate. He was assassinated by Julian Sark.

Season 1Edit

Ilych Ivankov was the leader of K-Directorate. He was first seen meeting with a contact in Russia regarding a Rambaldi artifact. The contact, Julian Sark, said he and his boss would loan his organization $100,000,000 for the artifact, no more or less. Ilych, thinking the artifact had no price limit and was too valuable to be sold, did not accept the deal.

Julian suddenly said that Ilych had 60 seconds to comply, but Ilych didn't think Sark was capable of doing anything so he and his guards prepared to leave. Sark suddenly gestered to one of his guards, who took out a silenced pistol and shot Ilych and one of his guards dead.

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