Template:Infobox Guest star Greg Grunberg portrayed the role of Eric Weiss.


  • Has known J.J. Abrams since they were in kindergarten.
  • Has gotten parts in almost every project J.J. works on, who considers him to be a good luck charm
    • played Sean Blumberg on Felicity
    • played Eric Weiss on Template:It
    • played Kevin in Mission Impossible III
    • had to turn down a role in Star Trek due to a schedule conflict-he does the voice of Kirk's step-father, a role originally played by Brad William Henke in deleted scenes.
  • Starred in Heroes as Matt Parkman, a police officer who can read and control minds.
  • Acted in several high-profile television commercials early on in his career, including one that was so memorable it landed him on The Tonight Show.
  • Created and ran a successful frozen yogurt delivery service.
  • Guest starred in a second-season episode of House, MD.
  • Brother of Bradley "Brad" Grunberg.
  • Auditioned for the role of Fred in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000).
  • Drummer and founder of "Band from TV", a musical group comprised of television actors.
  • Voiced agent Ethan Thomas in the 2005 video game Condemned.
  • Played the pilot on Lost.

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