Cypher was a Goth hacker.

Season 3Edit

After a massive computer worm was launched out of Berlin, which crashed the computer network all over Asia and Europe, Sydney and Vaughn were sent to Berlin to find the person who may have programmed the virus. In disguise, the two went to a Goth rave and found Cypher, the man who launched the attack. They talked to Cypher at first, accomplished with the other cyber attacks he and his friends have committed, but Cypher had a feeling they were cops, so he stopped talking and began to walk away.

At the last moment, Vaughn and Sydney pinned Cypher to a couch and interrogated him. He said he didn't know that the worm was going to be used for terrorism and that his employer had a British accent. He also said he had the files regarding the worm on his possession. Just as he was going to give it to them, Lauren, disguised as a waitress, shot him in the throat. Still, Cypher managed to hand Vaughn the flashdrive before passing out.

A few hours later, it was confirmed by Sydney that Cypher died in the hospital.

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