Alia Gizabi was Ahmad Kabir's ex-wife.

Before Season 2Edit

After she was forced into an unhappy marriage, Alia divorced herself from Kabir and sent their children to her relatives to hide them from him.

Season 2Edit

Sydney and Vaughn traveled to Mexico City to extract Alia before her ex-husband killed her. When Sydney found her in a church in disguise, she asked Alia where her ex-husband was, but she told her she didn't know several times and said she couldn't help. Sydney knocked Alia unconscious and dragged her to the van Vaughn was in and they drove away, immediately before a firebomb was set off, incinerating 62 people.

When Sydney, Vaughn and Alia returned to the church and saw the aftermath, Alia was horrified. She later agreed to tell them where her ex-husband was.

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