Ahmad Kabir was an ethnic cleanser and the leader of a taliban in Kandahar.

Before Season 2Edit

Kabir was married to Alia Gizabi until she divorced him and sent their children to live with her relatives.

Season 2Edit

Some of Kabir's guards captured Sloane and put a bag over his head as he was escorted into his palace. After taking the bag off, Sloane and Kabir began to talk to each other and Sloane offered for Kabir to work with him in his regime. Kabir wondered why he would work with such a man, especially since he was American, but Sloane changed his mind when he gave Kabir a treasure that belonged to a 17th century warrior.

Later, Kabir told Sloane that before he could work with him, he had to kill his ex-wife, Gizabi. Sloane sent Sark into Mexico City to kill her with a firebomb, but she was saved before it went off. However, Kabir thought his wife died in the confusion and agreed to work with Sloane.

Later, after Sydney was captured by Kabir's forces, he forced Sydney to admit she worked for the CIA. She said nothing, so Kabir placed a metal instrument on her kneecap and threatened to break it. Before he could break her bones, Vaughn showed up and shot Kabir in the chest.

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